The Great Dash
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The Rabbit Race!

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get your fluffle together!

Our first ever Family Dash is for families of four with at least 1 child 5+. Teams can also add Rabbit Racers like a grandparent or family friend to join in the fun! Your kids will have a fun-filled day playing games, tasting food and performing challenges made just for them and for the whole family.

rabbits invade southwest calgary!

We’ve specially selected family friendly dash spots all around Southwest Calgary as destinations for our first ever Rabbit Race. Each dash spot has a children’s challenge, family fun experience or a special food that everyone will love.

lots of great prizes to win!

Each of the dash spots has generously provided a great prize for your team to win and there are lots of ways to win prizes! You’ll score points for checking off all the dash spots, how well you do on challenges and for sharing your fun on social media. Most importantly you’ll have a fun filled day with your family!


This is gonna be fun!

The Great Dash is all about solving clues, taking on challenges and having a fun packed adventure! You might have to decorate a cake, solve a puzzle, build a birdhouse, design a wall tile, ride an innertube, figure out a brain teaser or even eat a local delicacy.  You never know WHAT challenges and competitions will await you, but you’re guaranteed that you will have a great time completing them! 

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dash for a cause.

One of the founding principles of The Great Dash is to give back to the local community!  With the economy still struggling, we are proud to be able to provide help to others less fortunate by collecting food and other household goods!  Teams can earn Bonus Points by arriving at The Great Dash with donations for the local food bank.


dash to win!

There are a lot of ways to earn points on The Great Dash.  The team with the most points will be crowned The Great Dash Champion!  There are several prizes to be won and lots of goodies to eat at Dash stops throughout the day!  Solving the clues that direct you to your Dash challenges and getting your Dash Passport signed at each stop are how Teams earn most of their points. 


a dash from the past.

Clues and Challenges and Costumes oh my!  We’ve done just about everything at The Great Dash.  Check out some pictures from our past events and see what some of the Teams had to say about their Great Dash.


sign up your team today!

Every Great Dash gets more and more popular! We have to limit the number of participants in order to ensure everyone gets the full experience of The Great Dash. Sign your team up today to make sure you're good to go!