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The great dash engages your customer!

The Great Dash engages your customer demographic in a truly unique and connective way. As the teams of Dashers roam and meander through your community searching for destinations they forge a bond with the local businesses that participate and explore the entire merchant, dining and entertainment landscape of The Great Dash location. There are many ways that your brand and company will become intimately involved with The Great Dash and closely connected to the The Great Dash Dashers.

• Advertisement in The Great Dash Passport. The Passport is the logistical, tangible foundation of The Great Dash. Inside the Passport are all of the clues that Dashers must solve to reach their destinations and then, after completing a challenge at each destination each Dasher team must get their Passport stamped to prove they successfully completed the task. The Dasher team(s) with the most stamps are guaranteed a prize, but possibly not the championship as there are many other ways to earn points in The Great Dash. The Passport becomes the keepsake Dash memento for every Dasher team and is often kept and taken home. 

• Sponsor a Daring Dash Dare. One way Dasher teams can earn bonus points is by successfully completing a Daring Dash Dare. Each Dash features several of these crazy, kooky and cool challenges throughout the event. In the past, Dashers have had to compete in activities like Human Curling, the Boo Balance Board and the Han Solo Cup Step Course. These Daring Dash Dares are often the talk of the Dash and are a great location for your company or brand to connect with Dashers through a sandwich board, sign, banner, take-aways and/or coupons.

• Advertise on The Great Dash Website. Future Dasher Team Captains all around the greater Calgary area are searching for engaging, unique, affordable and fun things to do with their friends, families and co-workers. Your banner ad on the webpage for The Great Dash event that you are sponsoring will be seen by thousands of these thrill seekers and their team mates. 

•Sponsor Social Media Posts. In the weeks and days before every The Great Dash event we saturate social media with news, updates, challenges, contests and everything else you can think of to drive awareness of the upcoming Dash and engage our incredibly loyal fan support here in Calgary. By sponsoring a package of social media posts your company and brand will be seen by are fast-growing community of followers.

• Sponsor Dasher Email Blasts. As soon as a Dash team asks for more information, signs up and opts in for updates they are strategically peppered with news, teasers, reminders and updates about the upcoming Dash. Your company or brand will have the luxury of tagging along on our direct communications with this highly captivated, vested audience.

• Sponsor a Dasher Team. Dasher teams are highly visible to everyone in your community as they dash in and out of stores, galleries, restaurants, bars, etc. all around town. By sponsoring a team sporting your logo your brand will literally be turning heads everywhere in The Great Dash location with the race bib pin-on featuring your logo!



the great dash sponsorship levels



This is the full tilt boogie, mac daddy level of connectivity to The Great Dash Dasher team participants as you will reap the awareness rewards of the repetitive impressions!

•The Great Dash Passport Full Page Advertisement

• The Great Dash Daring Dash Dare Sponsor Sandwichboard (with or without take-aways provided by you)

• The Great Dash Website Advertisement (located on the home page of The Great Dash you are sponsoring)

• Social Media Post Sponsorship with your brand presence on 6 posts in the weeks before The Great Dash you are sponsoring

•Email Blast Sponsorship with your brand presence on every email communication requested by The Great Dash Dashers

• Dasher Team sponsorship with race bibs provided for every member of the team you are sponsoring




•The Great Dash Passport 1/2 Page Advertisement

• The Great Dash Daring Dash Dare Sponsor Sign

• The Great Dash Website Advertisement

•Email Blast Sponsorship with your brand presence on every email communication requested by The Great Dash Dashers




•The Great Dash Passport 1/2 Page Advertisement

• The Great Dash Website Advertisement



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