dashing to win!

How do you win the coveted title of Champions of The Great Dash?  Simple, you earn the most points! 

There are a lot of ways to earn points during the Great Dash and the team with the most points will be crowned Great Dash Champion! 

Plus, there are many other prizes to be won and lots of goodies to eat at Dash stops throughout the day! 

Solving the clues that direct you to your Dash challenges and getting your Dash Passport signed at each stop is one way to earn points for your team.

In addition to that, there are lots of Bonus Points that can be earned!


There are Bonus Points for the most creative and funniest Team names, so make sure your Team’s name is in keeping with the theme of the Great Dash that you are registering for! Team names can be submitted up until the start of the Dash.


Bonus Points are given for arriving with a donation for the local food bank which is the charity of choice for The Great Dash.


Do you have a Social Media King or Queen on your Team?  Bonus Points are awarded for all kinds of Social Media posts relating to your Team’s Great Dash!  Hashtag us at #thegreatdash and Follow us @thegreatdash 


During the Dash your Team will have the opportunity to answer some trivia questions about the theme of the Great Dash.  Google will be your Team’s best friend for this and Bonus Points will be awarded for all correct answers!


Teams coming in costumes that fit with The Great Dash theme will earn Bonus Points.


Bonus points are awarded if you are the first Team to check in after solving all the clues and getting your Dash Passport stamped at all the locations.



rules for the great dash


1. Participants must obey all traffic laws (like wearing your seatbelts). Do not drink and drive, please be safe and designate a driver.

2. Each task must be signed off in your The Great Dash Passport by our volunteers or staff of the establishment or challenge sites (that’s how you get points). The team with the most points wins!

3. Sabotage another teams task or efforts is against the rules and will result in point penalization.

4. The entire team needs to be involved (splitting up to complete tasks is not allowed). There must be at least one photo that includes every team member.

5. Make sure to be on time at the end destination to avoid point deductions.