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The Great Dash is a truly unique opportunity for you to reach your customer in an experientially connective way. The Great Dash participants jump in with both feet (sometime literally) engaging in clue sleuthing and activities that directly connect them to your brand and business. Many of The Great Dash teams that visit your store, restaurant, studio or bar have never been there before and an overwhelming number of The Great Dash participants say they will come back again to many of the Dash Spots featured in each dash. The better the experience you show them when you have their captured, undivided, engaged and connected attention the more likely they are to come back again and again.

Do you want your business to be featured on one of our upcoming Great Dashes?  Fill out the form below and hit SUBMIT or drop us a line at thegreatdashfoothills@gmail.com and tell us what makes YOUR business special! Please feel free to include your website if you have one, or any images or other information that let’s us know more about your company and why it should become a stop on the Great Dash.


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