here are some things past dasher have asked: 


How many to a team?
2-4 optimal is even numbers

Can we register as a team and have a driver on top of that?
Yes as long as she or he does not participate in the game.

Can we opt out of challenges?
We prefer that you are all involved.

Can we answer quiz questions at the final destination? 
No, passports must be given to Dash team on arrival at final destination. 

Can we ask random people on the street for help?

Can we have a driver not a contestant to drive us around?
Absolutely as long as they don’t participate.

I have a four month old baby, is it okay to bring my baby?
Yes but know that with our adult version, we often end at a establishment that does not allow kids, so you might want to arrange a pick up of your baby before we end. 

Can I be a few minutes late?
We strongly advice you not to be late as we have crafted this day to fit the time schedule. We also would need to dock your points.

Can we have lunch on the way?
Absolutely, this is your day, you can bring a lunch, snacks and drinks in your car or stop at one of our stops. Remember that points win the game. So up to you whether you want to compete or just soak up the fun.

Will there be breakfast?
Yes we always start at a restaurant and we hope that our Dashers will support them by having a coffee and a bite to eat.

Should I bring a cell phone?
Our dashers will need at least one cell phone to a car. Dashers will need it for googling and we have prizes for our best “Social Media Top Dog” covering all the fun activities, team photos, and stop locations.

Do I need a pen, pencil and paper?
Yes, we would recommend it as you may need to figure out some of our quizzes on another sheet of paper.